Marc Trudeau

Team Dynamics Coach in Central Massachusetts

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My career has been in product development, most recently as an Agile Coach for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. I now co-create/curate safe, engaging, thought-provoking workspaces in which leaders and teams can experience and embrace Agility (nimble, diversely-experienced teams; highly reliable
through close collaboration; inspired and empowered to continuously deliver, adapt and improve). I partner with people who are curious for better than the status quo, and thus find themselves on a change journey for greater effectiveness.

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  • Work
    • - Consulting
  • Education
    • University of Lowell, MA - MS Engineering
    • Worcester Polytechnic Institute - BS Physics
What clients say about me
Marc has been amazing to collaborate with - he has a wealth of knowledge and a huge passion for Agile practices. He is a natural teacher who is open to sharing his learnings. Marc infuses his meetings/ working sessions with positive energy, proactively looking for engaging practices to better the group's dynamics...he has a gift for making teams feel valued, safe, and heard.
Betty A. Davis, CX Designer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
As a Practice lead in HR, I was reaching out to AGILE practitioners internally to deliver training to our community. The group immediately loved his style! He walked us into the world of new applications, and through means of playing games and working as a group managed to engage all 20 practitioners to participate with ideas, suggestions, proposals and input for our project development. I would recommend Marc to anyone in need of professional AGILE services, for training or project delivery.
Dilyana Karaivanova, Global Project Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
My favorite days are when we hold an Open Space, just being in community.
Katie Elmes, Dir. Expanded Learning Opportunities, Worcester Polytech